About Your Visit

Planning for Your Appointment

If you are new to our office, please arrive a few minutes early to your appointment in order to complete the registration process. Also, please bring the following:

  • Driver’s License or State ID
  • Insurance Card/Information
  • Workman’s Comp information if injured at work
  • Copies of any records from any other physician that has treated you for what you are seeing us for. For example: operation records, medical records, xrays, MRIs, and CT Scans
  • A list of current medications
Please note throughout the course of your treatment, it may be required to obtain x-rays to check the progress of what you are being treated for. We will obtain those x-rays in our office, and do not request that you come early to get those studies completed.

Insurance Information

We accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office to see if we participate with your plan specifically. If you would like to know if one of our providers is “in network” for your plan, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to verify that information.

Workman's Compensation

If your pain/injury is work related, please provide our office with an authorization letter from your employer or worker's compensation carrier including the claim/cancellation number, contact person and their telephone number and appropriate billing address.

Auto Claims

If your injury is auto related, please provide the office with your insurance policy information and contact information.


Please contact our office in advance to make an appointment. We make a sincere effort to keep our appointment schedule and we appreciate your patience if we are late or have to reschedule due to an emergency surgery.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand we schedule time in our day to treat you and help with whatever is ailing you. Our schedule is busy, and many patients have been waiting days and sometimes weeks to see a provider. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as you are able so that we may see another patient in that time slot. It is at the doctor’s discretion to discharge an uncooperative patient.

Fees & Payments

At Allegan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, we try to keep the cost for your care to a minimum. If you have insurance, we will bill them first. However, all copays and deductibles are to be paid at the time of service. We are always willing to help you coordinate your care financially with payment arrangements, as well. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, and Visa for your convenience. It is the patient’s responsibility to resolve all unpaid balances. We are willing to talk about any arrangement to help you feel financially confident with your care here.

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Prescriptions & Renewals

We request a 48 hour notice to refill all medications. This will allow time for the request to be submitted, for the doctor to review your chart, and for the medication to be called in. We will contact you after your initial request if there are any problems with your refill. Refills will not be given or filled immediately. Refills are also not given after office hours or from Friday to Sunday. Please note many refills require an office visit.

HIPAA/Privacy Notice

We follow the same Privacy policy as Allegan General Hospital.