Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is provided at Allegan General Hospital to help patients and families learn how to successfully manage and live with diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Program

Our Diabetes Self-Management program is taught by a Certified Diabetic Educator, who meet individually with each patient to personalize their diabetic education and needs.

Following an individualized sessions with our educator, patients attend a class where the following topics are discussed:

  • Introduction and Basic Facts About Diabetes
  • Meal Planning and Exercise
  • Meters
  • Medications (both oral and insulin)
  • Handling High and Low Blood Sugars
  • Long-term Complications
  • Goal Setting for Maintenance of Diabetes

Our class is designed to be interactive and questions are encouraged. We also encourage you to bring your support person to the class with you, whether a family member or friend. The class meets on a regular basis and is typically 3 - 6 hours in length.

Our program is state certified and nationally recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, making it billable to all insurance types.

Your doctor can make a referral for you and your family to attend a class to get you started on the right foot for diabetes care. This class can also be a great way to get back on track and get updated on the latest information about diabetes care. For more information about our Diabetes Self-Management program, please call AGH's Diabetes Education office at (269) 686-4088.

Insulin Pump Therapy

AGH offers an alternative to patients tired of injecting themselves with insulin several times a day, insulin pump therapy. Insulin pump therapy allows you to control your diabetes, instead of letting it control you. 

With insulin pump therapy, you wear a beeper-sized device on your belt or carry it in your pocket. The device pumps insulin into your body via a tiny, soft tube. With a single needle, the tube is inserted under the skin usually near the abdomen and connects to the insulin pump. Easily programmable and adjustable, the pump closely mimics the human pancreas by automatically releasing small amounts of insulin every few minutes. 

Advantages of the pump include fewer lows, less highs, precise dosing and reduced risk of long-term complications. To discover more about the insulin pump, talk to your doctor or contact our Diabetes Education Program at (269) 686-4088.

Contact Information:

Diabetes Education
(269) 686-4088