The Right Place to Heal My Right Arm


Holly Harrison and Tracy Cross, MSPTWhen Holly Harrison felt a pop in her right shoulder, she knew something was wrong. The pain got worse and worse, to the point where even doing daily tasks like her hair was painful. Because of the pain Holly couldn’t participate in one of her favorite pastimes. “I could hardly pick up a pool cue,” Holly remembers, “much less make a shot!”

As it turned out, Holly needed rotator cuff surgery as well as a bicep tendon repair. Four weeks prior to her operation, Holly started physical rehabilitation at Allegan General Hospital to prepare for the surgery.

A few weeks after the surgery, Holly resumed physical therapy at Allegan General Hospital, working primarily with Tracy Cross, MSPT, a licensed physical therapist. “In the beginning, I have to admit I was scared, having to use my right arm and shoulder for the first time in weeks,” Holly says. “But Tracy was always there to encourage me. She knew just how far to push me without going too far. And she did an awesome job of teaching me the proper techniques to lift weights. Now I’m moving 90 pounds at a time on a machine at the gym, and I’m able to lift my arm above my shoulder and fix my hair. Anyone for a game of pool?"

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