Pediatric Physical Therapy Close to Home


Born with cerebral palsy, Corbin Barrett has extremely stiff muscles that need ongoing physical therapy. Eight months ago, Corbin’s mother, Ashley, decided to try the Physical Rehabilitation Center at Allegan General Hospital instead of driving to Grand Rapids twice a week. Today, she couldn’t be more thrilled with her decision.

“Katie Mahaffie and Jessica Tubergen in physical therapy are absolutely amazing!” says Ashley. “Corbin laughs and gets excited when I tell him we’re going to see them. They’ve created a real bond with Corbin. He definitely loves them both.”

Allegan General Hospital offers both physical and speech therapy for children and physical, occupational and speech therapy for adults. During his therapy, Corbin uses a gait trainer to improve his walking, and the staff helps him perform exercises to stretch out his muscles. Corbin also has therapy in a heated pool, where the warm water helps to relax his muscles. “We really focus on making therapy fun for Corbin so he stays motivated,” says Jessica.

Corbin’s progress has been amazing. “When Corbin started, he couldn’t walk without assistance,” says Ashley. “Now he can take four or five steps on his own, and his range of motion is much better. We’re both so grateful for the care Corbin has received at Allegan General Hospital. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

To learn more about AGH's Physical Rehabilitation Services, call (269) 686-4070.

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