Meet My Two Life-saving Friends


It was a normal Saturday evening when David Hodge started feeling pain in his chest. By 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, the pain was almost unbearable. “It was like an elephant sitting on my chest, and I was also having trouble breathing,” David remembers.

David’s wife, Anne, drove him to Allegan General Hospital, where Jim Roskamp, R.N., Dr. Joshua Vance and the Emergency Department team were ready. They worked quickly to stabilize David before he was transported to Kalamazoo, where he had quintuple bypass surgery. 

“Both Jim and Dr. Vance really helped to calm my fears,” David says. “You could just tell this was not the first time they had treated a heart attack. The staff was so professional. It was like everything clicked. They knew exactly what to do: first this, then this and then this. And all along the way, they explained to me exactly what they
were doing so I was never in the dark.”

To ensure the best possible recovery from his bypass surgery, David chose the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Allegan General Hospital. “The staff was so friendly and informative,” David says. “It was great to be with them. In fact, after my insurance paid for the first 12 weeks, I decided to keep going and pay for it with my Health Savings Account. That’s how much I think of the people at Allegan General!”

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