I'm a Walking Wonder Thanks to AGH


When Brenda Waigand stepped on a nail, she didn’t think much about it. “I have neuropathy in my feet, so all I felt was a tiny pin prick,” explains Brenda. “Then the wound got infected, and I was hobbling around on a cane.”

By the time Brenda went to see Dr. Marcus Blass at Allegan General Hospital’s Wound Healing Center, the situation was serious. A bone infection called Osteomyelitis had set in, and the infection had eaten a hole the diameter of a pencil all the way through Brenda’s foot.

“I saw Dr. Blass on July 3,” Brenda remembers. That same afternoon, she received a PICC line and an initial infusion of antibiotics to help start the healing process. The next day was a holiday, but Brenda was able to return to the hospital for additional antibiotic infusions. “The entire staff then went out of their way to find an in-home therapy service that came to my house starting on July 5th!” Brenda’s in-home therapy continued for six weeks. During that same period, Brenda visited the Wound Healing Center every Tuesday, where Tamara Nogle, RN, cleaned and bandaged her wound. “The staff was so knowledgeable and encouraging,” Brenda says. “There was always a smile on their faces.”

Today Brenda’s wound is completely healed. “You could never tell my foot had been so badly infected,” she says. “I’m back walking, and I’ve put my cane back in the closet!”

To learn more about the Wound Healing Center, call (269) 686-4325.

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