Getting Life-Saving Treatment from a Lifelong Friend


Every Thursday, Judy Zimmerman visits the Cancer Care & Infusion Center at Allegan General for a treatment that is keeping her alive. Judy has Alpha-1, a serious genetic lung disease. “Ten years ago, I was told I had four years to live,” Judy says. “But thanks to this new therapy, I’m alive today.”

Judy chose Allegan General Hospital for her treatment, which she will need for the rest of her life. “One of my doctors wanted me to go a larger hospital for my therapy,” Judy says. “But it was just too impersonal there. I would have to sit in a small room for four hours with no television or any other way to pass the time. But at Allegan General Hospital, I feel like I’m part of a community. I just love  the staff there. Everyone is super nice and so helpful and friendly. They're always ready to give you anything you need. The place is clean and comfortable, too."

Just has formed a special bond with one of the staff members, Ruth Bartlett, R.N. "We both love being outdoors and talking about the wildlife we've seen," Judy says. "Ruth is so much more than a nurse doing her job. She's a friend to everyone she takes care of. She's the kind of person that makes the Cancer Care and Infusion Center such a special place."

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