Beating Diabetes


Don Boss was diagnosed with diabetes on June 15, 2017. His A1C test, used to diagnose diabetes, measured 13.9 (normal is below 5.7), and his blood sugar was off the chart at 454.

Linda Wadsworth, a nurse practitioner at the Allegan Medical Clinic, wanted to put Don on insulin immediately. “I said no way,” recalls Don, who is the senior pastor at Alamo Community Congregational Church. “I hate needles. Then she told me I wouldn’t live to see my grandchildren grow up if I didn’t go on insulin. That got my attention. So I asked if I did everything she told me to do, would I be off insulin by Christmas. She said ‘Yes!’ That’s when I made a total commitment to follow her instructions.”

Don attended a diabetes education class at Allegan General Hospital. “It was very informative,” says Don. “I learned how to eat healthy and stay away from foods like rice, sugar and potatoes. And for exercise, I started hand mowing my five acres.”

The results were amazing. His A1C dropped to 6.5 and his blood sugar is now around 125. “I was off insulin by Christmas,” says Don. “If I can control my diabetes, anybody can. You just have to listen to the medical professionals at Allegan General Hospital. Listen to what they say and then do it!”

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